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As a pioneer in design thinking at board level, I love helping organisations to become more innovative, resilient, impactful and attractive to investors and stakeholders. I also enjoy training business leaders to become better at making their case for funding. I'm always open to meeting new people.<p> </p> <div>I offer: <div>- Leadership development <div>- Easier access to finance <div>- A more capable workforce <div>- Increased profit/ social impact <div>- Corporate resilience <div>- Enhanced reputation <div>- Direct provision of R&D <div>- Governance support <div>- Facilitation<p> </p> <div>For business transformation, I use techniques that I helped to create while working as a senior manager at the Design Council and later as CEO of an emerging tech business that received an 8 figure investment offer. These techniques and insights allow me to spot opportunities, address weaknesses and develop organisations to be more attractive to customers, investors and staff. It doesn't matter if they are SMEs, local authorities, schools or multi-nationals - everyone can benefit, as my work history shows.<p> </p> <div>McKinsey & Co say that the two fastest growing and most resilient sectors in terms of share price and dividends are (1) design and (2) emerging tech, so I really have highly relevant experience and insights to draw upon. I have used those insights to benefit over 100 companies, having worked as an R&D consultant with Innovate UK for 12 years.<p> </p> <div>As a fundraiser, I have directly raised millions of pounds in grants for my own company, business partners and charities, I understand the process intimately and was recently commissioned to provide mentoring support to other companies seeking investment. I have had great success in helping businesses to triple the value of their R&D spend.<p> </p> <div>Other achievements include helping one client win UK Headteacher of the Year and being honoured by Cisco as one of their founder Education Fast Forward Fellows, along with people like Lord David Puttnam. I was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts for "services to the field of inclusive design", founded my own charity, saved another one from bankruptcy and even helped to influence the Northern Ireland peace process!<p> </p> <div>I'm now looking to help several companies either by taking on NED roles or doing contract work to help them plan for re-emergence from the present crisis.<p> </p> <div>Whether it's business transformation, innovation support, coaching or fundraising support, I see my job as helping you prepare for and deliver permanent change for the better.<p> </p> <div>Get in touch at any time: | +44 1785 822578 |
We tracked the design practices of 300 publicly listed companies over a five-year period in multiple countries and industries... The potential for design-driven growth is enormous in both product and service-based sectors...  We found a strong correlation between high McKinsey Design Index scores and superior business performance. Top-quartile MDI scorers increased their revenues and total returns to shareholders (TRS) substantially faster than their industry counterparts did over a five-year period—32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher TRS growth for the period as a whole.
- McKinsey & Co, The Business Value of Design, 2018

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for this morning, very insightful as always. You've instilled in me a confidence in the discovery process that has transformed how we approach product development and we are reaping the rewards of the creativity and innovation that comes with that. You have a unique way of bringing new clarity to things. It’s really very thought provoking."
Katie Cockburn of Wamitab colour
Katie Cockburn Director of Standards, WAMITAB

“The project monitoring was amazing. We felt supported at every stage with quick and effective feedback. The support was done in a way that enabled us to progress freely with our research and innovation development, knowing that we also needed to deliver results. [Sean] has been an excellent sounding board.”

Fraser Durham of Argand
Fraser Durham Commercial Director, Argand
"I’m so glad you’re going to hear Sean speak today. Never mind the A Team – he’s the A+ Team."
Professor Stephen Heppell Educational futures thinker